It’s never too hopeless or too late to fall back in love.

Christine Marie Jones – Your Marriage Mentor. No matter what state your marriage is in or how you feel about it right now, your relationship is way too precious to settle for less than what it can be. And it’s definitely too precious to let your marriage go all together. Of course there are some issues you simply can’t overcome no matter how hard you try. They are relationship breakers, no matter how much you wish they weren’t. However, thankfully those issues are relatively rare. Most challenges can be overcome.

You CAN make your relationship better.

You CAN turn the love back on in your marriage.

A successful marriage means falling in love many times, always with the same person.

~ Mignon McLaughlin

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Please don’t give up!

Don’t give up on your relationship . . .

Or yourself . . .

Or your partner . . .

If you think it will be better in the next relationship, the chances are it won’t be.

Statistics prove second and third marriages fail at an even more alarming rate than first-time marriages.

When you give up, you pay way too high a price. It’s just too costly in terms of money, your children’s well-being, your health, your work, your extended family. The list of costs when a marriage fails is a long and painful one.

Divorce rates increase with each marriage

1st Marriage
2nd Marriage
3rd Marriage

Finding someone else is NOT the answer.

What IS the answer?

  • Straightening out the misunderstandings.
  • Developing a new marriage mindset.
  • Learning how to communicate differently.
  • Getting clear on what you really want.
  • Rediscovering the spark.

Quite honestly, those are all very difficult things to achieve by yourself – no matter how much you may want to.

Christine Marie Jones

That’s why you need a marriage mentor.

  • Someone who gets it and who gets you because she’s been through it herself-more than once!
  • Someone who has the skills, experience, and training to coach you through the sometimes rocky river of relationship.
  • Someone who offers an alternative to traditional marriage counseling and is a well-trained, highly skilled listener and observer.
  • Someone who has marriage re-invigoration tips, techniques, tools and strategies to save your relationship and prevent divorce.
  • Someone who will be with you every step of the way.

That someone is me, Christine Jones. Your marriage mentor.

Let’s do this together. Let’s turn the love back on in your marriage.

Get in touch with me today.